Take time each day
To sit and listen
To the things you say
In your mind
And in your head
For you must take time
Before your dead
To learn about your own thought
Listen to your inner voice
It will give you options
And you will make a choice
And you will learn and grow
From each opportunity taken
Take a chance to live your dreams
Before you are awaken

For The Moment

Think for a moment
Just this moment
Take in the cool processed air
Let it cover you in cold
Let it seep into your body
Close your eyes
Imagine what was
See the past clear as day
Find a place to sit and relax
Let the next moment pass
There will be more
Live easy
For that is all anyone can really do

I am not a man of god. I am not a pious man in any form of the word. I am not a man of religion. But I am a man of learning, a man of guidance, a teacher, and educator. And that is why I return to this place, every year. To be the man I want to be.

- A great man once said

Seeds of Sins

There is wickedness in all beings
there is a seed of hatred
there is a pinch of sins
But only those who suffer
and allow it to grow
see the evil consume them
for there is a monster festering in all of us
One that can not be slain by just shear will
It’s a battle we fight every day
every hour and every second of our lives
For if you give in and surrender
the monster will swallow you whole
So stand and fight for the good
of your body, mind and soul. 

A selfish man has no use for knowledge. A selfish man can not be wise, for a wise man knows nothing lasts forever. A wise man knows that everything has its time. A selfish man who keeps the secrets of his knowledge is a stupid man who wastes his limited time. A wise man shares his knowledge with anyone who will listen for a wise man knows that knowledge is meant to be shared and as your knowledge passes down from generation to generation you break the one universal rule. In your knowledge you are alive and in the passing of your wisdom through generations you live and can never die.

- A great man once said


Today is a new day
Today is a special day
Why you may ask is today special
because today will be full of firsts
Today will be full of lasts
Today there will be happiness
Today there will be sadness
Today is full of possibilities and opportunities
Chances that will only happen once
But its ok to let some go by
Do you know why
Because tomorrow is a new day
And tomorrow is a special day

It is always the little things in life that effect the outcome of our biggest decisions. The activity you prefer is important but the variables are what you make you who you are. What chair is the most comfortable, how spicy food is, the softness of a pillow. It’s the little choices and actions that make up who we are. Its only when we look back on an event do we see the effect of these variables in our life. Take a step back and observe. When you see it, it will be clear as day.

- A great man once said

Every man has his traditions or ritual within he finds peace. So take some time. Create some traditions, follow some rituals. Use it to find your inner peace. It can be one of the greatest things you ever find.

- A great man once said

Lost Light

I’ve lost my light at the end of the tunnel
and there is no place to run
I’m lost in my tunnel
no direction to go.
So I’ll sit and wait
for my light to come back again
I just hope it does before my end.

A ceiling can only be reached through determination and shear will. A ceiling can only be broken with the confidence that you can.

- A great man once said

The Endless Song

Can you hear that song?
It’s been playing all night long
I can’t get it out of my head
I can’t hear the words that are being said

A broken hallughiah is all they sing
causing all the pitches to ring
The piercing sound in my ear
it surrounds me, it’s all I can hear

This pain and suffering I want no more
But there is no power I can employe
I fear I might go around the bend
stepping closer to my end

So I leave you with a final goodbye
As I look for the place to lie
Where in quiet and in peace
Till the song starts to cease

Before my angels sing again
This song that has no end
I hope to join them soon
singing in the light from the moon
to fall into my cozy hole
to end up being forever alone

Why did I ever take my armor off
let me grow comfortably numb
I don’t want to feel anymore
The fallout I did not see 
of any plan unknown to me

I thought I was really close
I truly believed that there was hope
Now i see that i was wrong
So I join the angels in their endless song

It’s the little things that matter the most.

- A great man once said

You are the cat that caught the light.

- A great man once said

Meeting people is great. You can learn a lot from a first impression, but you will never know the person. They may not even know themselves. For you learn who you truly are in the quick moments of desperation.

- A great man once said


I ain’t happy
I’m feeling sad
I’m useless
and its driving me mad

I can see no light
Darkness clouds my sight
and I can’t tell if I’m wrong or right
All I know is that I want a fight

I’m armed and ready
pure rage is all I’ll show
If you think I’m mad now
Just wait and see
Your gonna regret
ever meeting me

So give me what you got
I’ll stand my ground
You’re gonna need armor
next time I come around

I can’t see a way
to come out victorious
To bask in your light
would be so glorious

But I’ll be damned
if I let the pitch go by
I’ll come out strong
I’ll make that fucker fly

No I won’t shut up
and I won’t calm down
I’m gonna scream and yell
Your gonna learn what I found

And I’ll keep telling you this
till the end of my days
Being with you
is something I crave

I’m addicted to you
and rehab is something
I just won’t do

So come with me please
and lets smoke this herb through
Lets relax and enjoy life
just me and you

These are some quotes that I have heard or created. Now I am not going to distinguish between them, due to the fact that an anonymous voice is more powerful than one person. That being said if you want to know, you can look it up or ask me. Feel free to ask my anything.

“Those who are willing to take chances and risks will gain more than those who don't try at all.”

A Great Man Once Said